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Our Luxury Bundles Deals packages are perfect for the woman who wants a full look with unmatched styling versatility! Our Bundle Deals include 3 or 4 bundles based on your selection to achieve a flawless install! This package is ideal for the woman looking for full and luscious hair with minimal leave out or a versatile sew-in. Bella's Luxury Malaysian hair extensions are naturally compatible with many hair types and lasts 1 year or more with proper care. 


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Bella Monroe Hair is 100% Virgin Malaysian Hair. Our bundles are completely natural, unprocessed, and silky smooth! You will have no choice but to run your fingers through it over and over again. Our hair provides a gorgeous appearance and lasting style whether you wear the hair in its natural state or add color. This hair can be Flat Ironed, Curled, and Colored to your preference with minimal shedding/tangling. With proper care and maintenance, your hair can last up to 1 year or longer. You will need at least three bundles to complete your entire head for lengths under 22". For lengths over 24", we recommend using 4 bundles or more. 

Note: Curlier textures are to be measured while stretched or in its straighten state. They are prone to shrinkage. So get 2"- 4" longer than the straight texture.   

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Bundle Carrier Bag...

Price $9.99

Bella’s Hair Bundle Carrier Bag is the Perfect solution to storing and caring for your hair extensions when not in use! Keeps your hair extensions in perfect condition, preventing any unnecessary matting. The Hair Extension Carrier is great for traveling and will insure your Hair Extensions are secure.The hanger is also a great option for styling your hair extensions, simply hang the hair up on the hanger to free both of your hands making styling and drying your hair extensions a lot simpler and less time consuming. when washing and cleaning your Hair Extensions. It allows you to quickly air dry or blow dry your extensions. The Hair Extension Carrier features a transparent zip up closure. It can hold extensions up to 24 inches long.

Diamond Flat Iron &...

Price $99.99

Bella's Diamond Flat Iron and Bling Paddle Brush are both covered in Iccy Bling Diamond Crystals.The diamonds shine with every move of your wrist and is the perfect combo to use on your natural hair or luxury hair extensions! The Diamond flat iron heats-up instantly in 30 seconds with an adjustable temperature up to 480Fº, which is 60% faster and more effective straightening and styling than average flat irons. The Nano-Titanium plates evenly smooths frizz out getting your hair sleek, shiny, straight. The 1 inch slimmer plate is versatile for both straightening and curling. Effectively tames thicker, coarse and super curly hair. The Bling Brush smooths the cuticle layer increasing shine and massages your scalp to promote healthy hair.

Model is pictured with Pink Diamond Flat Iron

Diamond Wand Curler 6...

Price $149.99

Bella's Diamond Curling Wand set is covered in ICCY Bling Crystals and has 6 interchangeable barrels! Yes! that's right!.... It's like having 6 curling irons in 1.The Tourmaline barrels provide faster and healthier styling, heating up quickly in three minutes up to 480Fº. The key benefits include the elimination of frizz and creation of smooth shiny hair, without damaging your gorgeous locks! Change your hair style from waves to tight curls yourself, enjoy the endless styling possibilities at home instead of hairdressing salon, save your money and precious time. Professional tourmaline ceramic technology help to seal moisture into your hair and protects cuticle.

Free Gift includes Heat Resistant Glove

Pictured is Pink Diamond Wand Curler

Mini Louboutin Diamond...

Price $44.99

Bella's Louboutin Mini Diamond Flat Iron is covered in Black Iccy Diamond Crystals.The diamonds shine with every move of your wrist and is perfect to touch up hard-to-reach roots, and flyaways. The Red Bottom plates heat-up to 400Fº. The Ceramic technology seals the cuticle for less frizz and adds tons of shine. The 0.5 inch flat iron allows for versatile styling on-the-go for both straightening and curling. 

Edge Control Kit

Price $9.99

Bella's Edge Control Kit is the perfect combo to lay your edges: Looking for 24-hour hold that won’t give up? This non-flaking, non-sticky, non-greasy formula helps to maintain your style for hours by creating a smooth sleek style. It adds moisture and luster for a polished look to every style. For naturally or chemically straight, or naturally curly, our edge control was formulated to give you hold wherever you need it most. Our Edge control brush, is super convenient and easy for you to use. Holds hair in place without causing flakes and smoothes those stubborn edges while adding great shine.

Model is pictured with Apple Flavor Edge Control Kit

Diamond Headbands

Price $19.99

Shine bright like a Diamond with our Bling Diamond Headbands. A chic accessory to amp up your everyday style or add the finishing touches to a night on the town. Reward yourself when you outshine everyone at the party in your Bling Diamond Headband!  Add your headband to your Dream Headband wig for a look that will take you from day to night. Sparkling diamond rhinestones create a bejewelled effect atop shiny black velvet that covers this on-trend padded headband.

Designer Headbands

Price $14.99

On trend and won't break the bank. Add a chic finish to any look with our FF & Dior Designer inspired Headbands. The perfect accessory to amp up your everyday style or add the finishing touches to a night on the town. Reward yourself when you outshine everyone at the party in your Designer Headband!  Add your FF headband to your Dream Headband wig for a look that will take you from day to night.