3 Bundles with Frontal:Malaysian Goddess Curl


This Bundle Deal includes 3 Bundles of Malaysian Goddess Curl with a Malaysian Goddess Curl Lace Frontal to achieve your flawless install. 

Malaysian Goddess Curl Bundle Summary

Hair Texture: Goddess Curl

Color: Natural Black

Weft: Machine weft; double - wefted length

Life Span: 2 years or more with proper care

Malaysian Straight Lace Frontal Summary

Hair Texture: Goddess Curl

Lace Type: Swiss Lace

Density: Medium

Baby Hair: Around the perimeter

Life Span: More than 1 year (depending on care and use)

*The Goddess Curl pattern is approximately 4 inches shorter than the straight length because of its curly texture. Please Select your length 4 inches longer than the desired length to achieve your look as the shorter lengths will have a tighter curl!*


This Bundle Deal includes 3 Bundles of Malaysian Goddess Curl Hair with a Malaysian Goddess Curl Lace Frontal to achieve your flawless install.

Benefits:  Bella Monroe Hair is 100% Virgin Hair. The Goddess Curl texture is completely natural, unprocessed, and silky smooth you’ll want to run your fingers through it over and over again. Bella Monroe Hair provides a gorgeous appearance and lasting style whether you wear the hair in its natural state or add color.  All cuticles are intact and flow in one seamless direction to result in minimal shedding and tangling.

Delivery Details

Processing Time: 1-3 Business Days

Delivery Time: 2-3 Business Days with Priority Mail Shipping