Our Mission

To Provide an Unmatched Customer Service Experience with YOU in Mind

We are committed to providing the best service to our BMHBabez! We offer Free Hair Consultations to guide you in creating your Next Look!We want to Guide you in your selection of the best BMH product to achieve your Hair Goals. In a world full of trends, we aspire to remain classic and pledge to distribute exceptional products while also providing our customers with exceptional support.


About Us

Bella Monroe Hair's CEO Trice Albea was heavily influenced by her late father's career in the barbering industry. So, quite naturally. In 2012, she launched her Mobile only hair business in her hometown of Augusta, Georgia. Always climbing the corporate ladder, her budding IT career began to take her on the road as a Traveling Business Consultant. So she transitioned BMH into an Online store to satisfy the demands of her loyal customer base in GA and the Carolinas. She has since grown the company into more than a local phenomenon and has BMHBabez all around the world.