Always Co-wash your hair extensions before installation. Co-washing is the conditioning of the hair to cleanse the hair before installation. You will be able to detect any issues with your bundles at this time. If you do, please contact us immediately to discuss the problems and we will resolve them accordingly.


Use the over and out method when installing your hair. Do not sew through your wefts because this will cause the construction of your hair weft to weaken, which will lead to shedding and thinning.We recommend that you seal your wefts before installation using a good quality weft sealant to ensure the longevity of the hair extensions. Do not cut your wefts if possible as this causes shedding and thinning of hair extensions.



  • Shampoo at least once or twice a week using a good quality sulfate-free shampoo
  • Apply a moisturizing conditioner and comb hair, starting with the ends working your way up to your scalp
  • Rinse extensions thoroughly
  • Let air-dry
  • Brush or comb through to style
  • To achieve the best results, we recommend that you use the products from the Mystic Divine collection. This includes the Shampoo, Conditioner, and Oil Treatment


  • Apply an alcohol-free hair serum for shine as needed
  • Always use heat protectant before using any kind of heated styling tools. If not used, your hair can become very brittle and produce split ends along with breakage and frizzy/dry hair


  • Before going to bed, wrap or braid your hair into one loose large braid and wear a satin scarf or bonnet. This will help lock in moisture and eliminate unnecessary shedding/tangling
  • After waking up, undo braid and comb through beginning at the ends and working your way up to roots using a wide tooth comb or paddle brush. Style as needed



  • Detangle your hair extensions ONLY when the hair is wet! Detangling your hair while its dry can cause breakage, shedding, and loss of hair
  • Use a leave in conditioner/water mix to help keep your curls/waves moisturized
  • Scrunch hair gently to enhance the curls
  • Always comb/detangle from the ends up
  • Let air-dry
  • Do not use oil products or excessive products on curly hair, it will cause matting
  • Conditioner only wash 2-3 time a week
  • To achieve the best results, we recommend that you use the products from the Mixed Chic collection. This includes the Shampoo, Deep Conditioner, and Leave in Conditioner.


  • Before going to bed, section hair into braids and wear a satin scarf or bonnet
  • After waking up, wet braids in shower or at the sink
  • Untie braids and Spray hair in sections with a mix of water and leave in conditioner
  • Finger comb or comb throughly section by section using a wide tooth comb starting from ends to the roots