Step by Step: Lace Melt Technique


Here is the cheat code to getting your lace laid! This technique is so bomb you won't even see the lace! Take your time, and you’ll master this in no time.Achieve salon results for melting your lace with our lace melt cheat sheet below. 


Step #1


Pull your freshly shampooed hair down into a bun


Step #2


Gel your edges down


Step #3


Put on a nude color wig cap


Step #4


Use the Got 2 B Freeze Spray along the entire perimeter of the hairline


Step #5


Spray one layer and use your blow dryer to dry it


Step #6


Spray the second layer and dry it with the blow dryer


Step #7


Once it is dry, cut off the band of the wig cap


Step #8


Spray another layer of Got 2 B freeze spray to lay down the cap smoothly


Step #9


Use a foundation that blends with your skin around the perimeter of the wig cap and your hairline


Step #10


Use a cotton ball and alcohol to clean up your hairline by removing any excess foundation


Step #11


Apply your Ghost Bond Glue and allow it to dry


Step #12


Take your time and apply your lace in sections to make sure you smooth it down well


Step #13


I suggest applying your second layer of Ghost Bond Glue in sections to make it easier to smooth your lace down


Step #14


Use a popsicle stick to smooth the lace down because the glue gets tacky


Step #15


Smooth down your edges and baby hairs


Step #16


Add foundation to your part to blend it with your forehead


Step #17


Use your hot comb (the electric one is fine) to melt the lace down and make it look smooth


Step #18


Also, use the hot comb to straighten your edges. Voila….magic! Babez, when they ask any questions, tell them Bella Monroe keeps you popping