For anyone who's interested in good quality and long lasting hair from a supplier who cares more about getting the hair that fits your wants and needs than just getting your money. ......Go to Bella Monroe Hair!!  Trust & believe u will not regret it. I've been wearing  Bella Monroe’s Malaysian hair since November and have loved every single minute of it. It's very natural looking which makes it easy  to blend in with your own hair, even for  those with thicker hair (such as myself). I am very pleased & excited to promote this very caring & successful company and hope that you ladies will share in my excitement by ordering your Bella Monroe Hair today!!!!!

Andrea L.


I have been wearing weave for over 20yrs...NOTHING compares to BELLA MONROE!!!!! I LUV MY HAIR!!!!!I am purchasing my second bundle of Bella Monroe for my daughter.....This hair is AMAZING....I'm so pleased with the manageability of this hair. The curls hold very well. The luster is not too shiny, it's not itchy, or heavy. It bounces and behaves. I am 100% satisfied and anybody that purchases this hair will be too..... I went from wearing weaves to wearing Hair extensions.... BIG DIFFERENCE..... I will be adding highlights when I go for my first wash and condition just to have more of a spring/summer look but it is perfect just as it is....Very satisfied and extremely happy with my 14 16 18in of Bella Monroe Hair.

Skippy K.

Bella Monroe Malaysian Hair is by far the most reliable and long lasting hair I ever had! The curls last forever and you can reuse it over and over again! I was glad to be one of the first owners of this hair from this company and I'm going to be a loyal client until the end! However, Bella Monroe Hair isn't finish showing the world how great they are...Wait until you see what else this CEO has up her sleeves!!! #TeamBellaMonroe

LaShonda F.

I'm in love!! This hair has wonderful quality.

Brittany G.

Thank You for making my mornings so much easier! Since I was a Newbie I appreciate the fact that this was a process I didn't regret... Bella Monroe Fan for Life!!

Tiffany S.

I have tried so many different types of Virgin hair but most never satisfied me! When I came across BELLA MONROE VIRGIN HAIR, I fell in LOVE!!! This hair is soft and very manageable. Minimal to No Shedding and Tangle Free!! I have installed my hair Twice and it is still feels and looks the same as when I first purchased it! Can't wait to order some more. I am a VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER

Kiana H.

I purchased Bella Monroe hair, and I must say I am in love with it. It blends very well with my own hair and the texture is just awesome. I decided to go with the 12" 14" package and it was well worth the money! Very Satisfied Customer. Thank you :)

Regina T.

I have had my Bella Monroe Hair for three weeks now and I am more in love with it now than the initial install. I have worn mine curled, straight, and wavy (natural state). Ladies this is definitely the hair for you...I am natural and it blends so well.

Jovonne S.

Bella Monroe hair IS THE BEST!!!! I Absolutely love this hair. Its soft, easy to maintain, and very light weight. Hardly any shedding. Its a keeper once you try it you'll never look for other bundles. I love it

Ladonna S.

Best Virgin Malaysian hair out there ladies!!! TRUST AND BELIEVE!! I've been rocking mine for 5 months and it's still just like NEW!!! Try it for yourself!!! :-)

Quandra J.

Thanks Bella Monroe Hair for making this decision so easy. This is by far one of the best purchases that I have ever made. The hair is so easy to maintain and it is so versatile. I can wear it with curls or straightened. I have no idea why it’s taken me this long but I will tell you that I will be buying more in the future. #TeamBellaMonroe

Teneisha P.

It is just some awesome hair!! There is nothing else to say. I LOVE IT! If u look at my facebook page, all that I have been doing is taking pictures. I LOVE Bella Monroe Hair!!!

Alfreida N.

This hair is not only beautiful, it is quite manageable and VERY AFFORDABLE for a "Diva on a budget!!" Hand's down the best hair I've ever had!!! Once again, PLEASE go like the Bella Monroe Hair Facebook page. Spread the word and support your local businesses!!!

Chantelle G.